About Me

A Little About Myself.


Barry K. Nelson

Age: 54

Birthdate:  July 10, 1959.

Height: 6'4

Weight: 170 LB's

Hometown:  Clairton, PA

Marital Status:  Single.

Interests:  Reading, writing, gardening, Movies, Comic collecting, History Channel, PC gaming, X-Box 360 games.

Occupation:  science fiction writer.

Publishing Credits:  McKenzie Files. Assassination Anxiety, McKenzie Files-2.

Publisher:  Penumbra Publishing.

This is me.No glases.I can't see.

My Likes And Dislikes.

What I Like.


1. Sci Fi movies, horror movies, action/adventure, Some comedies. Some dramas.

2. X-Box 360.

3. Fallout-3. Fallout New Vegas. Rage, Dungeon Siege-3.

4. Any form of seafood except octopus, squid, and oysters. (Octopus and squid, too much chewing. Oysters, like eating a lump of snot.)

5. Marvel Comics.

6. Sleeping in on off days.

7. Eating breakfast while listening to Marty Griffin on KDKA radio.

8. Libraries.

9. History Channel.

10. The Walking Dead

11. My fans.

12. Summer.

13. My summer beer, Rolling Rock. My winter beer, Miller Genuine Draft.

14. Hell on Wheels.

15. Pawn Stars.

16. Lucio Fulci's Zombie.

17. Transformers.

18. Playing X-Box 360 to get over an occasional bout of writer's block.

19. Steak. Rare.

20. Halloween.

21. AC/DC, Rob Zombie, Metallica

22. The Golden Gate resturaunt in Clairton. They have the #1 best shrimp fried rice. And my #1 favorite dish. The Chow Hoi Sen.

23. The Old Town Buffet in PLeasant Hills. Tons of food there. And all you can eat snow crab legs on weekends. Unfortunately I can't eat past my 6 plate limit. I've tried. I've really tried.

24. Chef Boy R-D Pizza.

26. Having a book signing at Borders in Shadyside on my birthday, July 10th, 2010.

27. Texting a freind.

28. Waking up on an off day and goofing off with a PC game before making breakfast.

29. Waking up on an off day and doing some writing before making breakfast.

30. No longer seeing any dead centipedes on my basement floor after I do my annual spraying.

31. Being a writer. I should have made this #1.

32. Dragon Ball Z.

33. Shorts and flip flops on a hot summer day.

34. Running with the bulls in Pamplona Spain. I haven't done it yet. But I will.

35. Having all of my hair and teeth at age 52.

36. Skyrim, for X-box 360.

37. Fringe.

38. Dr Who.

39. My impending vacation week at the end of January.

40. My MP3 player.

41. Making people laugh.

42. My creativity. When ever I come up with something funny or weird I just have to sit back and admire it and ask myself, where do I come up with this stuff?

43. Red Lobster.

44. Key lime pie.

45. Cheese cake. A cheese cake can only last 2 days in my house. And I live alone. And I also like the idea of eating a cheese cake while looking in the mirror. That way you're eating it twice. Sort of.

46. All of AC/DC's CD's except Ballbreaker.



My Dislikes.


1. People who leave messages on my answering machine and talk so fast that I have to re-play the message 5 times before I can understand it.

2. Sitting through commercials while at the movies.

3. Centipedes.

4. Winter.

5. Waking up with a headache.

6. Windows Vista. Two thing always come to my mind when I think about Window's Vista. #1. A chimpanzie in the jungle beating a fish head with a stick. #2. WHy didn't the people at Microsoft go to that chimpanzie for help when they were developing Window's Vista?

7. Spiders.

8. Paying $71 for Direct TV and only watching two channels because everything else on TV sucks.

9. Being single.

10. Writer's block.

11. Companies that use words for their phone numbers instead of just giving you the numbers. It takes longer for me to match the position of the letters with the numbers on my phone. Here's a thought. I have better things to do other than memorize the position of the letters with the numbers on my phone.

12. This dark spot on the ceiling directly above my desk that looks like a bug.

13. Going to a movie at 4:00 (or whatever time) and not actually being able to see the movie until 4:20 after being forced to sit through previews.

14. The Smurphs. I always wondered why Gargamel wants to eat those things. And what's up with that outfit he wears? I've always wanted to take Gargamel to American Eagle Outfitters and get him something decent to wear. Then take him to Red Lobster and introduce him to some real food. After a king crab leg dinner and key lime pie for desert he'll be feeding the Smurphs to his cat.

15. He-Man cartoon. Watched it a few times out of curiosity and hated it. I could never understand why He-Man was always hung on the notion of being freinds with Skeletor. Seriously. How many times can you fight with a guy before you come to realize that you both will never be freinds? Message to He-Man. Dude, Skeletor hates your guts. He wants to chop off your head and use your mouth as an ashtray. You're better off trying to get a date with Evil Lynn. She might not be into the pale, boney types. So you might have a good shot.

16. Working in retail and having people come up to you and make statements instead of asking you a question. Instead of asking, "Where are paper towels?" I'll get, "Paper towels." "Eggs." "Soap." "Ketchup." Is this some kind of word association game? If you say, paper towels then am I supposed to say, napkins? Or maybe these people are practicing to go on Jeopardy.

17. Wearing tank tops. Every time I put one on it always makes me look twice as skinny as I really am. It never fails. 

18. Politicians. I'm a proud, card carrying republican. But even so, politicians of any party pretty much suck.

19. Valentines Day. The only holiday intended to make us single people feel like crap.

20. The Movie, Apollo 18. Even for me, as a science fiction writer and fan, this film was a little too far fetched. Seriously. Bugs disguised as rocks living on the moon. There's no air up on the moon. How do they breathe? And what do they eat and drink? There's nothing up there except rocks and dust. Perhaps the bugs have developed a self sustained ecosystem based on canibalism. They feed off of each other to obtain oxygen, water, and nourishment. Just a thought.

21. Rasberries. I don't like the fuzzy texture. Made me feel like I had spiders in my mouth.

22. That little blue wheel that starts spinning every time something screwy is going on with my computer and Window's Vista. As many times as I've seen this wheel spinning I think that I should be paid milage.

23. Redbox. These things always seem to break down. The Redbox machine at my work place has an out of order message on it's screen every other day. This was a good idea to replace video rental stores with this?

24. Taxes.

25. People on dating websites who try to pass off pitch black squares as photos of themselves. It's the same thing as not having a photo at all.

26. Trying to find a dry spot to stand on in front of the urinal when I go to take care of business in any men's room.

27. Having stuff delivered by UPS. UPS has always been and will always be a Godzilla sized pain in my ass. It irritates me how when they deliver a package they often require you to be home to sign for it. The real problem that I have with this is that all too often they come by your house around 12 noon. 1:00 in the afternoon. They don't take it into account that working poeple have to be on their jobs during the day. Which is the point of being a working person. Maybe the big brains who run UPS come from a planet where the economy if different from Earth's and people don't have to work. So they can easily stay home and collect packages from UPS all day. And these are the people who think that they can replace the U.S. postal service?

28. Panhandlers. I love it when a total stranger or somebody that I hardly know comes up to me and asks me for a loan. A loan? Excuse me. A request for a loan means that you know me enough to pay me back the next time I see you. I don't know you. Get a job.

29. People who complain too much. With a list of 29 dislikes and growing I'm debating whether I should put myself in this category.